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Thread: IM+ 4.16 <tested and fully working> <MSN,ICQ,AOL,Yahoo,Jabber,Googletalk> - WM5 - PPC

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    Default IM+ 4.16 <tested and fully working> <MSN,ICQ,AOL,Yahoo,Jabber,Googletalk> - WM5 - PPC

    IM+ for Pocket PC is a complete mobile Instant Messaging solution for your Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002; Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 2005 including Treo 700w.
    IM+ for Pocket PC supports MSN , ICQ, AOL, Yahoo!, Jabber and Google Talk messaging systems.

    New Features:

    • Today Screen Plugin. If this option is flagged, you will see the information of all connected services, number of online/offline users and amount of unread messages for every service on your Today Screen;
    • Offline History. When going offline you still have possibility to look through your contacts’ history;
    • Improved Contact List. You can group your contacts by service, by group name, by status or alphabetically;
    • Advanced Notification Settings. In Settings section you can set notifications of important events;
    • Custom Status Messages in Jabber. When choosing status in Jabber you can create your own info messages
    Main features:
    • You have one client for several services : AOL, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!, Jabber and Google Talk;
    • IM+ makes direct connection to the supported services, without any "gate" in the middle. It's very important; because it means that you connected to your favourite services as a full rights user and get all the messages and events immediately just as if you were connected with the standard client.
    • IM+ keeps the contact list information on the respective servers. So, IM+ and your convenient desktop client always use just the same contact list. E.g if you add new buddy to your contact list with IM+, you will see this user in your contact list when you connect with your desktop client next time.
    • Simultaneous connection to all selected systems
    • Full presence status support
    • Friendly User Interface in English, German, Italian, French and Russian
    • Exchanging messages in any language installed on device
    • Message History
    • Copy & Paste support
    • Authorization for presence status subscription
    • Sound alerts for incoming messages and contacts coming online
    • Support of Windows Mobile 2005
    You will need a real (TCP/IP based) internet connection to use this IM+ version.

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