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Thread: Help required with Garmin Nuvi 13010...

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    Default Help required with Garmin Nuvi 13010...

    Hi chaps....

    It's been a while, (I stupidly went looking for IP_Mart)... dohhhh

    Well, I usually get the unfortunate job of updating friends tomtom's.... But I have a new request today.. It concerns updating maps for a Garmin Nuvi 1310... I've never owned one of these and have no idea if the maps are even up gradable.
    My first suggestion was for him to try garmin,.... but the lights suddenly went out when he realized how much.

    So I just wanted to know chaps if it is possible to install via the sdcard slot another form of original garmin maps or if there is a utility which would allow me to manually update original maps (if possible).

    any help or advice would, as always, by much appreciated.

    cheers sadsack

    After having done some quick research, I believe I need to download "City Navigator" Europe NT UK & Ireland..

    But which version...???
    I haven't a clue,.. I tried to find the details on the nuvi but it's not as simple as my tomtom.

    Is it the
    "MS Lock"
    " IMG.UNL"
    "3D UNL"
    "EAST EU"
    "WEST EU"

    Or do I need to download all of them,... common sense says no.... but as I said before,.. never used one of these, and once returned, probably never will again.


    It's okay chaps.... I've sorted it..... bloody easy once i realized how.
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