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Thread: [1107] Trancreative Mxconverter v2.1 build51010 incl unipatcher.iF^alleni

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    Default [1107] Trancreative Mxconverter v2.1 build51010 incl unipatcher.iF^alleni

    MxConverter Comprehensive Edition for Pocket PC
    MxConverter is one-stop unit conversion solution with most complete collections of currencies, units, time zones and many useful calculators.

    Comprehensive collection of unit, currency and time conversions plus many other useful calculators.
    Free currency update feed from Internet.*
    Fully programmable conversion database. Adding new unit or category is easy like writing Excel formulas.
    Simultaneously converts multiple units at the same time or calculates results with built-in expression solver.
    Includes the new powerful version of MxCalculator.
    Compatibility and Requirements
    MxConverter for Pocket PC carries Microsoft's Designed for Windows Mobile for Pocket PC logo. It is compatible with Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2002 or later including Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC Second Edition with VGA resolution.**

    Comprehensive Collection
    Common: Area, Cooking, Coordinates, Energy and Work, Freqency, Fuel, Length - Distance, Power, Pressure, Temperature, Velocity, Speed, Volume, Capacity, Weight - Mass.

    Monetary: Commuting Expense, Currency, Gas Calculator, Inflation (US), Loan Calculator (Canada), Loan Calculator (US), Mortgage Calculator (US), Energy Expense, Sales Tax, Savings Interest, Tip Calculator.

    Computer: Bandwidth Calculator, Computer (Bytes, MB, KB, GB), Computer Base (Hex, Oct, Bin), Imaging.

    Date Time: Age, Date Calculator, Time, Time Zones.

    Food: Drink Calories, Fast Food Calories, Chocolate Calories.

    Scientific & Industrial: Acceleration, Angle, Concentration, Corrosion Rate, Density, Diffusivity, Dipole Moment, Enthalpy ( mass basis), Enthalpy (mol basis), Enthalpy (vol basis), Entropy, Flowrate (mass basis), Flowrate (vol basis), Force, Fouling Resistance, Heat Capacity, Heat Flux, Heat Rate, Heat Transfer Coefficient, Illumination, Mass Velocity, Moles, Moment of Inertia, Mementum, Pressure Drop / Length, Specific Volumn, Stress, Surface Tension, Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Expansion (Linear), Thermal Expansion (Volumn), Torque, Velocity (Angular), Viscosity (Absolute), Viscosity (kinematic).

    Other References: Women and Girl's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Bra size Charts.

    Downloadable Currency Exchange Rates
    MxConverter includes 186 world's currencies. Currency exchange rates is downloadable from the Internet for free within the application.*

    Sophisticated value input methods
    MxConverter works with more than just the numeric format. You can enter:

    Any arithmetical expression include scientific operators and functions.
    Values in compound notations that are popular in British unit (for example 1 lbs 3 oz)
    Date and time for time conversions
    Hexadecimal, octal, binary for computer unit conversions
    Best of all, the value evaluation is performed simultaneously during your input, so you don't need an extra action to find the results.

    Easy reading results
    Like how you can input values, results are formated for easiest reading. Displaying formats can be decimal, currency or in other computer bases with comma separated thousands or 4 digit grouping (computer bases).

    Integrated MxCalculator
    MxCalculater (sold separatedly for $8.00) is bundled with this software for absolutely free. It includes standard and scientific modes with the powerful My-Functions feature.

    Note: after patching the main exe files, reg wth 12345678901234
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