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Thread: KaioneSoft SprintDB Pro v4.0.0.Build.2473 ARM XScale PPC2002 Incl Keygen Patch-SyMPDA

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    For Mobile KaioneSoft SprintDB Pro v4.0.0.Build.2473 ARM XScale PPC2002 Incl Keygen Patch-SyMPDA

    KaioneSoft.SprintDB.Pro.v4.0.0.Build.2473.ARM.XSca le.PPC2002.Incl.Keygen.Patch-SyMPDA

    SprintDB Pro Product Information

    • SprintDB Pro 4.0
    • SprintDB Pro+Printing 4.0
    • SprintDB Pro Desktop Companion 4.0

    SprintDBPro comes in 3 easy-to-use editions. All provide you with a RAD (Rapid Application Development) database environment. Powerful functionality, including full graphic capability, Forms and Sub-forms, Tab controls and the easiest-to-use 'Tap and Select' application builder available.

    The Plus Printing Edition allows you to Print your tables and forms directly from your Pocket PC to many supported printers via Infrared, Serial and BlueTooth. Great for Point of Sale work, Barcode printing and much more!

    The SprintDB Pro Desktop Companion allows you to develop your SprintDB Pro Pocket PC applications on your Desktop or Notebook PC. This provides the user with a development environment which is far easier to use and therefore allows you to create feature-rich applications far more quickly than is possible on the limited screen real estate of the Pocket PC.

    Advanced Features in SprintDB Pro

    • New Database conversion/sync manager, KaioneSync.
    • Even Faster Database access. The fastest Pocket Access based products on the market!
    • Form controls: Label, Edit Box, Check Box, Combo Box, List control, Tab control, Tree control, Picture Box, Scribble control, OptionGroup control.
    • Supports SubForm to allow you to access multiple tables on the same form. You can now create exactly the right one-to-many application for your needs.
    • A powerful event-driven macro/script engine.
    • Supports variables (local and global variables) in a macro.
    • Supports code Modules.
    • Supports just about every database function you could possibly use.
    • Supports advanced sorting/filtering/FindSearch.
    • Supports importing/exporting CSV files.
    • Database Encryption. Supports Encrypt/Decrypt Database in SprintDB Pro for the Pocket PC.
    • Fully supports Outlook databases. Supports macro actions and functions that work with the Outlook tasks, contacts, appointments databases.
    • Supports GPS.

    Advanced Features in SprintDB Pro+Printing

    • Print your tables or forms in table view or form view.
    • Supports Barcode printing.
    • Supported Printers

    Canon : PIXMA iP90/i80/i70
    Canon BJC-80/85 BJC-50/55 : + most Canon BubbleJet printers.
    HP Mobile Printers : Including HP460 plus 450/350
    HP DeskJets and LaserJets
    Epson : TM-P60
    Epson : Stylus, ESC/P2
    Epson :
    24-pin LQ compatible dot matrix printers

    Zebra : RW, QL, Cameo & Encore
    Extech Thermal

    Panasonic : JT-H200PR Toughprint
    Pocket Spectrum
    Brother mPRINT : Including MW-100, MW-120, MW-140BT
    SATO MB200i
    TallyGenicom MTP4P : 4" Thermal Printer
    TallyGenicom MIP360 : Rugged 24-pin dot matrix printer
    CMP-10, PD-22, PD-04

    Pentax PocketJets : 3, 3 Plus, II, 200
    O'Neil MicroFlash Thermal
    Intermec PB/PW/68/78 Thermal
    Seiko : MPU-L465, DPU-3445
    Fujitsu FTP-628WSL110
    GeBE Flash
    CUSTOM s'print
    IPC PP-55/50
    ABLE Systems Ap1310 Ap1300
    Axiohm A631
    Eltrade Mobilife

    For more detailed information, please visit Secured URL.
    Advanced Features in SprintDB Pro Desktop Companion

    • Instant compatibilty with Pocket PC editions.
    • Create and run your form application on your Desktop PC.
    • Import/Export SprintDB Pro Form files from/to your Pocket PC.
    • Supports Debug Mode, allowing you to trace your macro/script code line by line.
    • All the features in SprintDB Pro Pocket PC version are supported

    System Requirements

    • System Requirements for SprintDB Pro and SprintDB Pro+Printing

    A Pocket PC running Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 (Pocket PC 2000), Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0.
    • System Requirements for SprintDB Pro Desktop Companion

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, XP Pro.
    Software: Microsoft ActiveSync 3.x/4.x, Windows Mobile Device Center to export/import form files to/from Pocket PC.
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