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Thread: MLS Destinator Pro v8.0.10.28 (Greek)

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    Default MLS Destinator Pro v8.0.10.28 (Greek)

    MLS Destinator Pro v8.0.10.28 (Greek)
    Requirements: Windows CE 4.2 and up, PNA or PPC
    Overview: This is Destinator 8 by the Greek distributor MLS.

    This is the first version of Destinator 8 with a fully working Greek voice.
    It is also the first version of any Destinator with Greek TTS (Text To Speech)!! It is using Afroditi from the Loquendo TTS.

    It includes the following:
    Maps: Greece 2008.Q4.115 and Cyprus 2007.Q4.89, both by GeoIntelligence (formerly known as NGI)
    Languages: English and Greek
    Voices: only Greek (anything else will not work simply because of the way MLS has implemented their TTS engine)

    I have cracked it so that it can run on any device, not only on those sold by MLS, and to accept any map. Enjoy!

    More Info:
    Download Instructions:
    Download and extract it to your storage card (or internal flash disk). Then run DestinatorApps\Destinator8MLSPro\Destinator.exe

    Software+maps:[code]MLS Destinator Pro with Greece 2008.Q4.115 and Cyprus 2007.Q4.89:
    Password: mls[/code]

    If the program does not announce the street names then ANSI Greek support is missing from your device.
    Copy the included wince.nls to \Windows and then soft reset.

    This is the real MLS Destinator! The one in the other thread is just the regular Destinator 8 with a skin and a non-working Greek voice.
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