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Thread: SD Unlock for Most 480x272 Chinese And Other Devices

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    New SD Unlock for Most 480x272 Chinese And Other Devices

    SD Unlock for Most 480x272 Chinese And Others Devices

    This SD unlock is based on xtyler92 work for which i thank him. I made this a little bit more useful, adding a lot of apps. As is it is set up for devices that run their navigation softwares off the SD Card. The device is set up for runs the navigation application from a folder called MobileNavigator. You can alter this to meet your needs by renaming the folder and the .exe and .mscr file within the folders that matches your device. You might also need to edit the Main.ini file command line for your devices navigation app. Then just alter the directions to rename your original folder for your device to something else (make sure it matches the command line in the Main.ini. The unlock is for 480x272 resolution as i don't have another to test it

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