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Thread: Resco Photo Manager Standard & Professional v7.11 Incl Keygen-RCAPDA

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    Star Resco Photo Manager Standard & Professional v7.11 Incl Keygen-RCAPDA

    Resco Photo Manager Standard & Professional v7.11
    Requirements: Windows Mobile 5/6.x
    Overview: Photo Manager is a favorite photo viewing program with features far beyond standards of the classic built-in viewer.

    Users gain functions of complete image management in a modern looking and easy to handle application. Intuitive way of work, outrageous effects and many slideshow and edit features move other image viewing programs to the second line.


    Upload to Social networks:
    - Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa supported / view
    - Upload image with comment and GPS location

    Image formats & technologies
    - RAW, CRW, CR2, RAF, MRW, NEF, ORF, PEF (only Professional Version)
    - Fax formats
    - Multipage Tiff supported
    - 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24 & 32 bit formats supported
    - Transparency and ALPHA formats supported
    - Animated GIFs
    - Support of EXIF & IPTC meta tags

    Image Browser
    - Thumbnail & detailed mode with base image info
    - Letter & date navigation bar
    - Folder content preview
    - Quick image access
    - Quick thumbnail loading
    - Caching of slowly loaded image thumbnails

    Image Viewer
    - Rotation , navigation and zoom gestures
    - Double tap image to quickly view detail in original size
    - GUI animations
    - Support of G-sensor

    Image Editing
    - Image resize (multiple resize supported)
    - Image crop
    - Set image as Home Screen
    - Set image to contact
    - Convert image to JPG, PNG and BMP
    - Gamma, contrast, brightness and RGB corrections
    - Attach image drawings (lines, rectangles, circles, texts)

    Image Notes
    - Text notes (title, comment)
    - GPS location
    - Audio notes
    - Text notes can be saved into EXIF

    - Add GPS position to any image and make a diary of your trip
    - Locate geo-tagged image on map (using Google Maps)

    Slide Show
    - Support of attractive transition effects
    - Background music during the slide show
    - Audio comments during the slide show

    Multiple File Operations
    - Copy, Move, Rename, Delete
    - Send via IrDA, Bluetooth or SMS
    - Send to email
    - Upload to social networks

    - Support of album packages
    - Different skins available
    - Folder previews

    Update - Last updated on May 4, 2010

    Photo Manager Standard and Professional has been upgraded to the version 7.11

    In this versions we have fixed these problems:
    - Black and white pictures displaying was fixed
    - Font & Style problems were fixed
    - Uploading problems has been solved

    More Info:
    Download Instructions: Keygen
    All Credits to Tyra/RCAPDA 2010
    Professional Edition
    Secured URL

    Secured URL
    Secured URL

    Standard Edition
    Secured URL

    Secured URL
    Secured URL

    Keygen ONLY: Secured URL
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