Sprite Backup v6.5.5 Build 11
Requirements: WM5, 6.0, 6.1, 6.5
Overview: Award-winning Backup for Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 (Pocket PC and Smartphone).

If you have customized your device with productivity applications or if you don't want to lose your call history, SMS messages, pictures, ringtones and more, then make the smart choice for your smart device.

What makes Sprite Backup 6 the BEST?

* Support for Windows Mobile 6 Storage Card encryption - Only Sprite Backup will restore your encrypted data after a hard reset
* Fully automated off-device Backups - You don't just backup your PC to the internal hard drive. Do you?
* Unique Device Upgrade Mode - Restore to a replacement device or after a ROM Upgrade
* Desktop Companion - Browse your backup files or configure your backup schedule from the comfort of your desktop.

Product Features

* Supports ALL WM5 & WM6 Devices - Smartphone AND Pocket PC
* NEW Backup to FTP Server - Now supports remote backup for additional protection
* Backup to PC - Increased protection by moving backups off-device
* NEW Sprite PC Manager - Easy setup & instant data protection
* Sprite Explorer - PC Tool for browsing and extracting backup file contents
* Upgrade Mode Recovery - Restore to a replacement device or after a ROM Upgrade
* NEW Support for WM6 Storage Card encryption - Access ALL your data after a hard reset
* Full & Custom Backup and Restore operations - offers complete control
* Self-Extracting Backup Files - Restore backups without re-installing
* Automatic Scheduled Backup - ensures up to date content protection
* Automatic Backup File Management - Optimize storage space used

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