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Thread: Brief Flashing / Hacking Guide for Symbain^3 phones using Pheonix by Zeeshu007

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    Default Brief Flashing / Hacking Guide for Symbain^3 phones using Pheonix by Zeeshu007

    Dear Friendzzz, due to frequently asked questions in the forum, I have decide to open this thread detailing the procedures of flashing using Pheonix for Symbian^3 phones...
    If I have missed any steps or anything, please feel free to suggest me and I will add the same in my steps here...


    a. Flash at your own risk, uploader bears no responsibility for any problem(s) occurring to your device due to flashing...
    b. Uninstalling is only possible after the first Restart of phone!
    c. The internal file manager does not show the system folder (have deliberately left out)
    d. Windows XP 32 Bit is the best OS for flashing with Pheonix
    e. Its better to turn off antivirus while flashing
    f. Press *#0000# to see your Product Code
    g. In photos, RM-596 FW is taken as an example, u can take any Symbiandevice and fw
    h. and make sure you are not downgrading i.e flashing the lower version than the current device version
    i. make sure you are not flashing an edited rofs2 or rofs3....

    Basic requirements:

    i.) Download NaviFirm from Secured URL (Pheonix is 2010 version, for me it is the best version as till now I didn't face any problem with this one)...

    ii.) Open NaviFirm which u downloaded from the above link, select your device + product code [see note f] and download the following 9 files (while downloading, focus on the extensions, which I have mentioned in bold letters below and keep an extra backup of these Original Files):
    1. 0x0-0xxxx0_Pxxxx_00x.xml (Type Label Configuration)
    2. 0xxxx0vx.pcx (Type Label Picture)
    3. RM-xxx_014.002_14.0x_xxx_x_79.92_prd.rofs2.fpsx
    4. RM-xxx_014.002_79.92_prd.core.fpsx
    5. RM-xxx_014.002_Cxx.xx_xxx_1_xxx_79.92_prd.rofs3.fpsx
    6. RM-xxx_014.002_Uxx.xx_79.92_prd.uda.fpsx (Content)
    7. RM-xxx_0xxxxxx_014.002_00x.dcp
    8. RM-xxx_0xxxxxx_014.002_00x.vpl
    9. RM-xxx_0xxxxxx_014.002_00x_signature.bin

    Sometimes it may not show you the 9 files which is mentioned above and may show only 6 files... In this case try to switch between the Nokia Care and Product External, as sometimes one of these source will have full files... See an example below for understanding:

    iii.) Turn off your Antivirus, install the Pheonix which u have downloaded from the above link and restart ur system...

    Now u r ready for flashing, follow the brief steps below CAREFULLY to avoid frustration and problems...

    Brief steps of flashing to solve the crc checksum error:

    1. Rename the provided uda file to your uda file name 'RM-xxx_014.002_U0x.0x_xx.xx_prd.uda.fpsx'
    2. Copy paste the original 9 firmware files which u have downloaded through NaviFirm to C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-xxx/
    3. Connect ur device (C7/N8/E7/xx) through Ovi Suite and wait if any drivers’ installation is in progress
    4. When driver installation in done and it shows that drivers are up-to-date, then execute Phoenix (better right click and run as administrator)


    5. Go to Manage Connection > USBx - RM-xxx


    6. Go to File > Scan Product > and wait until the bottom bar of the phoenix says ready and will display your phone's connection



    7. Go to Flashing > Firmware Update > Choose your product code (05xxxxx)


    8. Press Refurbish button!

    9. There will be a warning about the file is not complete / missing bla..bla..bla.. (this step is important)

    10. This is very important!!! Don’t press anything in Pheonix yet and go to the provided hacked uda!
    11. Copy paste the provided CFW / hacked UDA file (that has been renamed) to C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-xxx/ and overwrite it
    12. Now come back to Phoenix and press ‘YES’...

    13. Wait for sometimes until flashing process completes... And then, u r Done!!!

    Ur fone is hacked with the latest FW!!!

    Video for your easy understanding (thanks to Khantastic for this one):

    Any suggestions for improvements are always welcome... Cheers!!!
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