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Thread: To spice up things (not thights) :P

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    not important.... Information is!

    Default To spice up things (not thights) :P

    I propose to have an thread (like dieing Shoutbox ) in which (who wants), he/she'll post his/her state of mind at any moment (even if he knows something about others members - NOT WITHOUT that "other" member approval !!! - ELSE, he/she'll be banned for some time OR pemanently)...

    iPmart needs 1000$ (or euros, for some car troubles - don't know tha car, don't know THA iPmart!) ==> I'm qualified 4 BAN (as I don't have the MAN approval 4 this...)

    P.S. For less ban, I can tell you I'm drunk now... and (I don't know why) I like you all (forum included)

    P.P.S. The Guy owns an multi-thousand $'s forum and HE doesn't have THA money for his car ==> don't curse/spam/fcuk when you donate (if...)
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