Dear ipmart-forum administration,

I 'll cut to the chase immediately.

It is not a good thing that we can't post a direct link from another forum genrally. There must be a separation between competitive forums (or potentially competitive) and non competitive forums, to which we may directly link and not being afraid of ''conflict of interests''...

There are tons of non competitive forums out there in the net. And of course their object has nothing to do with ipmart's.

I speak mostly about technology related forums like xda-developers, modaco and many others. As we all know and I mean ALL!, for example, xda is responsive for all the mods that make the coexistence with our smartphones easy as hell!!!

xda is extremely helpful for the beginers, has nothing to do with cracked apps etc, so it is not a competitive forum at all!!!

BUT >>>

Cracked apps from here + modifications, roms etc from xda, modaco etc => smarthphone locked and loaded!!!

Think this too: if we must put the sourse of the roms etc, why a referrence to a modification via a direct link is prohibited?

It is a pitty that we have to quote all the time. If a direct link is given the person interested, will not only read the first post but the following too, in order to reach a safe conclusion! So it not easy to quote all these useful posts.

See exactly what I mean:

Please administrators think seriously over this.

It is not a harmful thing to do for ipmart, to allow such direct links for the good of your members!

With appreciation to ipmart-forum community.