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Thread: [HELP THREAD] Post all your fw/cfw related queries here

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    New [HELP THREAD] Post all your fw/cfw related queries here

    This thread is for problems related to firmwares

    from 21/august/2011.

    • All the problems related to refurbishing, upgrading or anything related to firmwares of symbian^3 devices in any way will be posted here only.
    • we have created this thread for fast and efficient response for your problems dear members.
    • If any problem related to firmwares or custom firmwares posted in some new thread or some other thread will be trashed by the mod team.
    • so members kindly respect the new thread and post your problems here only.
    • our mod team and other members will be here to help you.

    Note: this thread is not for problems like "app/game abc is not working after i installed cfw from xyz", post such issues in that cfw thread since its (most likely) a bug of that cfw...
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