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Thread: C7 Anna RM-675 Inspire CFW v3.3 (Xtreme) for v24.1 by Zeeshu007 [23-09-2011]

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    New C7 Anna RM-675 Inspire CFW v3.3 (Xtreme) for v24.1 by Zeeshu007 [23-09-2011]

    Hi Friendzzz, here is the updated version Inspire v3.3 (Xtreme) for Nokia C7 RM-675 Anna v24.1 with advanced features and further improvements... For details please refer below:

    Today on 23rd September 2011, I have uploaded the ROFS2 & ROFS3 files of v3.3 after including the following:

    1. Separate ROFS2 added after adding Full Arabic language support (fixed writing support)
    2. Fixed WLAN and Internet connection logs (new mod by Coderus)
    3. Customized theme effects of jlmvc v4.1 and I added few effects to his version – now its cooler than before (thanks to jlmvc for sharing his effects and details)
    4. Boot-up date changed to 23-09-2011
    5. Custom version date changed to 23-09-2011

    Just include ROFS2 and ROFS3 of Inspire (Xtreme) v3.3 (which ever you want) dated 23-09-2011 and the rest files from v3.1 dated 11-09-2011 in RM-675 folder and flash… Read the flashing guide carefully before flashing…

    Important Note: Flash at your own risk!!!

    Full Changelog of Inspire v3.3 (Xtreme) by Zeeshu007 [23-09-2011]:

    Available Languages:

    1. English
    2. French
    3. Deutsch
    4. Espanola
    5. Italian
    6. Portuguese
    7. Arabic (Added in separate ROFS2)

    Applications Included:

    1. Smartphoneware Best ScreenSnap v3.01(0)
    2. BTSwitch v1.00
    3. LeGPSData v1.00(0)
    4. Digitalfootmark Quick Lock v0.01(0)
    5. File Browser by RnB v4.5.2
    6. Nokia Video Player v9.23(62) for subtitle support

    Mods Included:

    1. Added Latest Installserver (for installing apps with any privileges, never been posted anywhere before by CodeRUS)
    2. ROMPatcher+ v3.1 by IlSocio with the following working patches and autostart (thanks Soni for autostart trick):
    o Block GPRS
    o c2z4bin
    o CRepository4all
    o Installserver RP+ v1.4
    o Open4all
    o Remove recording tone
    o RProperty4 all
    o Short Multi Tap [/CODE]
    3. KS improvement – Crazy Speed by Ancelad
    4. Fast screen rotation
    5. UI Speed improvement
    6. Haptic improvements
    7. Popui improvements
    8. Camera quality 100%
    9. Camera sound disabled
    10. Videos at 30fps
    11. Video call fps improvement
    12. Voice recorder 12hrs at 256kbps stereo
    13. Voice recognition improvement
    14. Music player custom made equalizer presets – 15 presets (see screenshot)
    15. Music player heap size increased to 30MB
    16. Music folder search in E:/Music and F:/Music
    17. Gallery will search in E:/Images and F:/Images
    18. Browser cache to E:/ (fixed) and set the amount to 32MB
    19. Homescreens customization and presets:
    o 3 Homescreens wallpapers changed (3rd wallpaper taken from Delight CFW)
    o Enable default Homescreen delete
    o Upto 6 Homescreens possible (initially only 3 HS is available, additional HS’s can be added)
    o Profile / clock widget can be remove from Homescreen [/CODE]
    20. Removed unwanted apps from startup
    21. Startup & Shutdown screen changed
    22. Startup & Shutdown sound changed
    23. Sysap.exe and splashscreen.exe modded to run splashscreen.mif and sysap.mif from E:\Animations.
    24. Bluetooth query disabled in offline mode
    25. Bluetooth stays on when switched to offline mode
    26. Leave offline mode query disabled to access network
    27. Call reports on by default
    28. Show call duration on by default
    29. Tactile feedback in calls v2 (phone vibrates 1 time when call is connected / disconnected)
    30. Custom logs age (see screenshot)
    31. Lock screen in landscape possible
    32. Profile customized:
    o General Profile name changed to Inspire
    o Default ring tone changed to DNB
    o Default message tone changed to Message Tone 3
    o Keypad volume off [/CODE]
    33. Maximum Volume Mod – Changed most of the apps default volume to 100%
    34. Disabled annoying active diverts note
    35. Downloads resume on restart
    36. Java permission mod (Change the settings from App Manager and no more annoying pop ups in Java Apps)
    37. Restart option in switch
    38. Fast startup due to removal of startup applications
    39. FM transmitter now sends RDS "Nokia C7" and not just "Nokia"
    40. FM transmitter on/off notification disabled
    41. Power saver mode notification disabled
    42. Database max record count
    43. Increased context data object maximum size
    44. Xcap cache increased
    45. RoseNic Fonts added with correction in “Minus” sign
    46. No more Ovi activation screen after startup, it’s disabled
    47. My Nokia Message disabled
    48. Automatic updates off by default
    49. FOTA Cache 0
    50. Removed WinRAR application as it is not of much use
    51. Removed music player metadata editing mod (coz it was buggy)
    52. Full Arabic language support (fixed writing support)
    53. Fixed WLAN and Internet connection logs (new mod by Coderus)
    54. Customized theme effects of jlmvc v4.1 and I have added few effects to his version – now its cooler than before (thanks to jlmvc for sharing his effects and details)
    55. Boot-up date changed to 23-09-2011
    56. Custom version date changed to 23-09-2011
    57. Separate download link added below for Inspire (Xtreme) v3.3 with Anna Fonts [23-09-2011]
    58. Separate download link added below for Inspire (Xtreme) v3.3 with Arabic Language [23-09-2011]

    Changelog of Inspire v3.2 (Xtreme) by Zeeshu007 [17-09-2011]:

    1. Disabled My Nokia message
    2. Disabled Ovi activation screen after startup
    3. New Theme Effects added v4 - thanks to jlmvc for this (see video from below)
    4. FOTA Cache 0
    5. Automatic updates off by default
    6. Homescreen’s wallpaper changed
    7. Removed WinRAR application as it is not of much use
    8. Removed music player metadata editing mod (coz it was buggy)
    9. Separate ROFS2 added after adding Arabic Language (tried my best, but please give feedbacks on porting the language)

    Changelog of Inspire v3.1 (Ultimate) by Zeeshu007 [11-09-2011]:

    1. Added Latest Installserver (for installing apps with any privileges, never been posted anywhere before by CodeRUS)
    2. Popui improvements
    3. Music player metadata editing
    4. Xcap cache increased
    5. No more Ovi activation screen after startup, it’s disabled (experimental mod – please give feedback)
    6. Browser cache to E:/ (fixed)
    7. Tactile feedback in calls v2 (fixed)
    8. Separate ROFS2 file attached with Anna fonts for those who don’t want the RoseNic fonts

    Nothing removed from UDA as you can do so manually...

    I am using this v3.3 since yesterday and everything is great, but I could not check few mods like custom logs and all, so please give your feedbacks… Fully working Ovi Store, Social, Maps and other apps...

    Any suggestions and ideas are most welcome and give your valuable feedbacks, but I will only add it if I like it...

    Thanxxx a bunch for Sklchan, Soni, Jnx_r, CodeRUS, IlSocio, Ivo and all other modders for their expert guides and / or advice without that I would not have dreamed of making my own CFW...

    All credits to these guyzzz...

    For flashing, just paste all the provided 8 files in RM-675 folder an refurbish through Pheonix...

    Brief flashing guide is added below as many requested:

    1. Download the 8 files of Inspire firmware
    2. Copy paste the same in your RM-596 folder (you already know where that folder is)
    3. Before flashing, delete sys/system/private/resource/patches (if any) folders from your memory card and remove your memory card, if you have any
    4. Before flashing, take a backup of your important data and format your mass memory through file manager for better results
    5. Disable antivirus / smart scanner if u have any running on your PC
    6. Connect your phone through Ovi suite and allow it to install any necessary software’s / drivers
    7. Drivers installation complete pop-up will come, press ok
    8. Execute Pheonix
    9. Go to Connections, drop down box and select ur RM version like, "USB2 - RM-675" or USB1 - RM-675
    10. Go to File>Scan product, it'll show "Scanning product" in bottom left line of Pheonix window and wait until it turns to “Ready” and shows some product in the bottom line infront of that “Ready” line
    11. Go to Flashing>Firmware update = U will see “Firmware Update” with the new product details like; Product Code (+3 dots "..." box infront of it), SW version, Variant version, Refurbish and other buttons
    12. Make sure u have the product which u r going to flash in that window
    13. Press Refurbish button in that Firmware Update window
    14. Pop-up will come saying some missing file and bla bla bla with option 'yes" and "no"
    15. Press "Yes", then flashing window will appear showing the current status of flashing process
    16. Have a little patience and wait coz sometimes it takes a little long time to scan the product and erase the current memory and all
    17. In few minutes the flashing will be complete and a pop up will come saying "Flashing Succeeded"
    18. Press "Ok", close the Firmware update window, exit the Pheonix and disconnect ur device from PC
    19. Wait for your phone to boot up and DONE!!!

    U will have the fastest CFW ever on your C7...

    Hope that helps...


    1. In case device does not boot up automatically, make manual boot by pressing switch key... All the best...
    2. I prefer Windows XP 32 bit for smooth flashing coz sometimes Pheonix sucks on 64 bit windows and gives unexpected errors…
    3. For Inspire (Xtreme) v3.3, download required ROFS2 and ROFS3 (either Normal or Arabic or Anna fonts) from the below new links dated 23-09-2011, replace these 2 files in the Inspire v3.1 CFW dated 11-09-2011 and flash…
    4. Do not copy my CFW anywhere without my prior permission…

    Brief guide to add any language(s) into the CFWs as many requested:

    1. Download ROFS2 containing Greek language thru NaviFirm, like download ROFS2 of ur product code and find out your language code... For example langugae code for British English is r01 and for Greek its r54

    2. Open that ROFS2 using NokiaFirmwareEditor (NFEstd_0.3), copy paste whole ROFS2 (like data, private, sys, system and other folders) in a separate folder of ur PC and exit NFEStd

    3. Now scan all the folders for files which end with 54 or have 54 in them, most of registry files end like this r54 or rXX etc...
    They are not rar files, but language files...
    Few important files for writing / key inputs are detailed below (copy all these files to their appropriate folders in your CFW):

    resource\ptiengine.rsc (if you find it)

    You can replace all these files with the ones in your CFW except for the ecom-2-*.spi or your language files will be corrupted so when you put these files rename them to higher grade which means if you have copied file ecom-2-0.spi to its appropriate folder, do not replace the original one , instead, just rename the copied one to ecom-2-1.spi...

    Normaly there is only 1 ecom-2-0.spi file and many ecom-2-*.s** files (as many languages there are in the fw) . You have to take your source ecom-2-0.spi and rename it to ecom-2-1.spi... All the rest languages must have a continuous labelling from ecom-2-2.s** to ecom-2-6.s**... Only 2 ecom.spi files should exist and as many langs as there are in fw ecom.

    Better to search all the language files using ur windows search option, like for example search "r54"... Different language codes are below:

    1 = British English
    2 = French
    3 = German
    4 = Spanish
    5 = Italian
    6 = Swedish
    7 = Danish
    8 = Norwegian
    9 = Finnish
    10 = American English
    11 = Swiss French
    12 = Swiss German
    13 = Portuguese
    14 = Turkish
    15 = Icelandic
    16 = Russian
    17 = Hungarian
    18 = Dutch
    19 = Belgian-style Flemish
    20 = Australia, English
    21 = Belgian-style French
    22 = Austrian German
    23 = Island of New Zealand English
    24 = French International
    25 = Czech
    26 = Slovak
    27 = Polish
    28 = Slovenian
    29 = Tawain
    30 = Traditional Hong Kong
    31 = Simplified Chinese
    32 = Japanese
    33 = Thai
    34 = boolean phrase
    35 = Albanian
    36 = Amhara language
    37 = Arabic
    38 = Armenian
    He added 39 = Paul Language
    40 = Belarusian
    41 = Bengali
    42 = Bulgarian
    43 = Burmese
    44 = Catalan
    45 = Croatian
    46 = Canadian English
    47 = International English
    48 = South African English
    49 = Estonian
    50 = Persian
    51 = Canadian-style French
    52 = Gaelic
    53 = Georgian
    54 = Greek
    55 = Cyprus, Greek-style
    56 = Gujitela language
    57 = Hebrew
    58 = Hindi
    59 = Indonesian
    60 = Irish
    61 = Swiss Italian
    German 62 = Aisne
    63 = Kazakh
    64 = Comoros Language
    65 = Korean
    66 = Lao
    67 = Latvian
    68 = Lithuanian
    69 = Macedonian
    70 = Malay
    71 = Dela Wei language
    72 = Maratha language
    73 = Moldovan
    74 = Mongolian
    75 = New Norwegian
    76 = bar-style Portuguese
    77 = Punjabi
    78 = Romanian
    79 = Serbian
    80 = Sinhala
    81 = Somali
    82 = International Spanish
    83 = American Spanish
    84 = Swahili
    85 = Finnish Swedish
    86 = reserved (reserved for future use)
    87 = Tamil
    88 = Telugu
    89 = Tibetan language
    90 = Tigrinya
    91 = Cyprus, Turkish-style
    92 = Turkmen
    93 = Ukrainian
    94 = Urdu
    95 = reserved 2 (reserved for future use)
    96 = Vietnamese
    97 = Welsh
    98 = Zulu
    99 = other (opposition)
    100 = English manufacturer
    101 = South Africa Sesotho
    102 = Basque
    103 = Galicia language
    129 = English Asia
    157 = Desktop English
    158 = Hong Kong English
    159 = Chinglish
    160 = Japanese English
    161 = Thai English
    326 = Pacific Malay

    4. Create one more new folder, copy all the files from ur search result in a respective folders in that new folder and cross check one more time carefully that all ur language files are extracted from original ROFS2

    5. Open my ROFS2 (like ROFS2 of v4.3) thru NokiaCooker v1.1 and paste all that extracted / modifed files from the new folder to CFW's ROFS2

    6. Edit languages.txt file and add ur language code in it (location: resource\Bootdata\languages.txt)

    7. Repack / save that ROFS2 and DONE!!!!

    All the very best while adding your favourite languages in my CFW...

    Some screenshots:



    ROFS2 & ROFS3 for Inspire v3.3 (Xtreme) Fixed by Zeeshu007 [25-09-2011]:

    ROFS2 & ROFS3 for Inspire v3.3 (Xtreme) by Zeeshu007 with Anna Fonts [23-09-2011]:

    ROFS2 & ROFS3 for Inspire v3.3 (Xtreme) by Zeeshu007 with Arabic Language [23-09-2011]:

    Other files (Core, UDA etc) for Inspire v3.3 (Xtreme) by Zeeshu007:

    Last edited by Zeeshu007; 11th February 2012 at 14:42. Reason: Links updated... Enjoy!!! :)

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