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Thread: Symbian Hacked again! Anti Virus security hole

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    New Symbian Hacked again! Anti Virus security hole

    (All the threads with same trick but different AV's are merged, so if you find another AV working, just post it here and don't create a new thread.......khantastic)

    Symbian hacked again!

    All greetings say to IAL

    1. Connect phone with PC, or memory card to cardreader, or memory card to other non-nokia device (need access to private folder)

    -. If you will use E memory (mass storage, or memory card in devices without mass storage memory) download
    -. If you will use F memory (memory card in devices with mass storage memory) download

    2. Unpack archive to choosen memory.
    3. Download and install DrWeb6 for symbian
    4. Launch DrWeb.
    5. Go to Options - Quarantine

    6. Go Options - Select all
    7. Go Options - Restore
    -. RomPacther drivers now in c:\sys\bin folder
    8. Download and install RomPacther+ 3.1 Lite
    9. Launch RomPatcher+ and apply Open4all patch
    -. Now you have access to write in all system folders
    -. If need you can apply installserver patch, or found in web installserver.exe (installserver needs for installing all applications without any certificate restrictions).
    -. For autostart patches download and install full version RomPatcher+ (install after applying/copying installserver).

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