Requirements: webOS 3.0.2 (TouchPad)

Overview: UPnP AV Player automatically discovers any UPnP Media Servers upon your wifi network and allows you to browse the content upon your Touchpad. Before purchasing, you should try our Free

Version - UPnP AV Player Free to make sure that this app is right for you. Please be aware that the only video formats that can be viewed are those supported by WebOS. This includes MP4, M4A, M4V, MOV, 3GP and 3G2 container types. Also note that only AAC, AMR, MP3, M4A, QCP and WAV audio files are supported.

What does UPnP AV Player do; - Discover Media Server - Browse Folder Structure - View Pictures - View All Pictures in a folder as a Slideshow - Watch Videos/Movies - Create a Music Playlist - Drag Singles Files into the Music Player - Drag Whole Folders into the Music Player - Shuffle the Playlist - Import Single Pictures - Import Multiple Picture - Import Multiple Audio Tracks - Import

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