ReadOnTouch PRO is an on- and offline reader for websites on devices using WebOS 3.x (or 2.2). It uses the free ReadItLater.com* service.

Which of us is not familiar with this situation:
You've found some really interesting web pages, but you have just no time to read them... That is history with this app! With ReadOnTouch PRO you can easily access web pages. The app offers an incredibly comfortable way to access stored web pages. The user interface was specifically designed for the HP Touchpad and adapted for the HP Pre3. With ReadOnTouch PRO, you can both read articles and easily add new web pages to your reading list.

The app supports three methods to add new pages:
1.) using the app,
2.) using a patched standard browser (currently only HP Touchpad)
3.) via Advanced Browser (v1.2.6+, HP Touchpad only).

Read web pages in a special article mode designed to provide a great reading experience. Alternately you can use the built-in browser to view articles as they appear on the web (HP Touchpad only). A single tap will open articles either in the standard web browser or Advanced Browser (HP TouchPad only).

Share articles you like with your friends! ReadOnTouch PRO can publish links via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, E-Mail and WebOS Messaging. The app is under continuous development and will be improved in future builds.

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