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Thread: Extended Menu Grid 1.7 (NOKIA N9 STYLE GRID MOD for Nokia N8/E7/C7/603/701/700/C6)

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    Default Extended Menu Grid 1.7 (NOKIA N9 STYLE GRID MOD for Nokia N8/E7/C7/603/701/700/C6)

    Transform Nokia N8/E7/C7/603/701/700/C6 with Symbian Belle's Grid Menu into Nokia N9's style 4x5 and 7x3 Grid menu. This mod has been created by iExtraX7. You must unlock your device with Norton Hack to gain access to restricted folders after enabling OPEN4ALL patch from Rom Patcher.

    Warning: This is supposed to work on Symbian Belle only. Use it at your own Risk.

    There are two folders in archive:

    - First with all features
    - Second contains all features, but with enabled scroll bar.

    Unpack the archive in following order, and Reboot the phone.
    Extract in C:/sys/hash/Menurenderer.dll
    Extract in E:/sys/bin/Menurenderer.dll
    Extract in F:/sys/bin/Menurenderer.dll (if available)

    If anything goes wrong, just pull out your microSD card and restart your device to revert the changes you had made.

    Updated v1.7!!! The changes list:

    1) More icons in portrait and landscape. 4x5 and 7x3.
    2) Allow rename applications in menu. (You have to delete the C:/sys/bin/menurenderer.dll, if you had used this mod earlier.)
    3) Fixed icons alignment
    4) Fixed text alignment.
    5) Enabled function, to allow create folders in folders
    6) Disabled scroll bar.

    Know Bugs : (on E7, can be the same on others)

    - Sometimes it doesnt work the first time you restart your phone, you need to restart it again.
    - The built phone icons size will change to be smaller but not the installed apps
    - If you changes the menu display to list and come back to icons, you will get very small icons and you need to restart your phone again.
    - The icons name on the last row can't be read, but with a finger touch you can.
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