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    Hi, I'd like to introduce my new map application. The Bing maps ares unusable in Europe, i prefer Google Maps. But... at this time, I think other solutions are not so good and not for all WebOS devices. So... I built my first WebOS app, using MOJO framweork for my Palm Pre Plus. It is three week old and is in very eraly stage. It is tested only on my Pre Plus.

    I know about some problems on Touchpad and Pre3, but... for this time, I prefer developing of more features than tuning for all kind of devices.

    What is working:
    GPS and accuracy in blue circle
    Map.. basic panning, zooming, map types
    Basic directions

    Implement app as webos default map app - done
    To Improve directions - partially done
    Dropped pin actions
    Google Latitude?
    Preferences scene (fullscreen mode, bottom menu on/off, dark theme option, accuracy circle color)
    Favorit places (from your Google account)
    Speed optimizations
    (GESTURE+B shortcut that will toggle display buttons on and off, and a GESTURE+M to toggle the top menu on and off)
    Cookies (remember of maptypes, ...)
    Map follows position (in preferences)
    Navit implementation

    Known issues:

    Works on all WebOS devices, for legacy devices too (WebOS 1.4.5 and higher)
    StreetView on WebOS 2.1 makes Luna restart - probably bug of this WebOS version
    Some issues on Pre3 - panning is jerky, wrong centered map, ... need more time to fix it

    The app is in early development state.
    The application is provided as is, without any warranty, use it at own risk!

    Enjoy it..

    Secured URL

    Secured URL
    Thanks to developer 72ka
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