As you know Hp Touchpad not use Youtube application like the Palm webOS device which streamed in the browser, just like on the computer .

I make a YoutubeHD app running on the Touchpad.The original of this program is Youtube's WebOS 2.1 software.
I've added the patch to rotate the screen for it and wrote a little code so it can be run on the Touchpad.Modify the interface as the wallpaper, icons and frames.

Besides, as you know there is no gesture-control area on Touchpad when you want to go back as the Palm webOS phone, so I wrote a patch (for webos 3.0.4/3.0.5) to create a BACK button on the screen when watching video on fullscreen.

Of course, watch Youtube on browser is still the best, but install to play it would not take anything .

You can download the *rar file and extract, which is available ipk file and patch that I created.Use WebOS Quick Install to install or copy to your Touchpad and installed with Internalz Pro / Preware .

UPDATE(30.01.2012) NEW Version :

+) fix some problems by install
+) tested on webos 3.0.5
+) don't overlaps the original Youtube (app/icon),because i changed the app id to "" .So after install you can see 2 Youtube icons ( original and HD ) , see my picture .
+) better search results and videos quality ( I think )
+) change background to look better .

If you use the last version ,go to Preware / Installed Packages / Unknown . Find it (YoutubeHD), then REMOVE and try to reinstall the new version.

Tip: You should pause the video , before you want go to another position of video ( or when you want go back to search results )+ Sometimes it do not find (or not display) content to be searched.Restart the program and find it again.


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