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Thread: [CFW][10-09-13][N79][RM-348]xPeRiEnCe 79 v2.0

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    Default [CFW][10-09-13][N79][RM-348]xPeRiEnCe 79 v2.0


    !!!..!.!..xPeRiEnCe 79 v2.0..!.!..!!!

    Hello all,

    I Present To You The Updated Version Of My CFW xPeRiEnCe 79 For Our Beloved N79 Swiss Army Knife - xPeRiEnCe 79 v2.0

    This Could Have Been Possible Because Off All The Experts Around The World And The People Who Helped Me In Making This CFW.So The Ultimate Credit Goes To Them.

    Apps Removed

    Removed Welcome
    Removed About
    Removed My Nokia
    Removed Nokia Mail
    Removed Mail For Exchange
    Removed Help Files
    Removed 3D Audio
    Removed ZipManager
    Removed Operator Menu
    Removed Online Support

    Apps Added

    Fully Working Contacts Bar Added
    RomPatcher Added With Autostart (Necessary Patches Included)
    MiniCMD Added
    Nokia FileBrowser Added
    HandyZip Added (Replacement For ZipManager)
    Nokia Suite Plugins Added (No Need To Install Plugins When You Connect To PC)

    Theme Mods

    Default Themes And Effects Removed
    xPeRiEnCe 79 Theme Added
    New Theme Effects With Lightning Effects (See SS)
    Theme Switch Set To Off
    Vibration Off When Changing Cover
    Realplayer Icon Changes With Themes

    Sound Mods

    All Media Volume Set To 10%
    Default Audio Themes And Tones Removed
    xPeRiEnCe 79 Audio Theme Added With Many New Features And New Tones

    FileMan Mods

    FileMan Can Delete All Folders (No More Default Folders Like Videos,Sounds Etc)
    FileMan Won't Show Folders n79,nokn79,nokia79,nokian79
    FileMan Shows System Folders
    FileMan Can Send All File Types

    Camera Mods

    Camera Quality Set To Maximum At 3.2MP And 5MP
    Option To Switch Off Capture Tone In Settings
    Camera Sounds Off If Warning Tones Are Disabled
    Camera Won't Run In Background,Thereby Saves RAM

    Music Player Mods

    New Default Album Art
    14 Music Player Presets
    GoTo Music Store Option Removed
    Music Files In E:\\Music\\ Are Updated Automatically
    Voice Recorder Quality Set To Full
    Voice Recorder Can Record Upto 16 Hours

    Messaging Mods

    SMS And MMS Delivery Report On
    Sent Items To 999
    Number Of SubMessages Increased To 30
    Maximum MMS Size Increased To 1MB

    Call UI Mods

    In Call Volume Set To Full
    In Call Timer And Call Summary On
    Caller ID Shows Both Name And Number

    Startup Mods

    No More Queries (Date,Time,City Etc) At Startup After Format
    Format Note Added
    No Language Selection At Boot (English Set To Default)

    Two Startup Animations Enabled
    First Should Be C:\xPeRiEnCe79\Startup1.gif
    Second Should Be C:\xPeRiEnCe79\Startup2.gif

    Two Startup Tones Enabled
    First Should Be C:\xPeRiEnCe79\Startup1.mp3
    Second Should Be C:\xPeRiEnCe79\Startup2.mp3

    Shutdown Animation Enabled
    Path Should Be C:\xPeRiEnCe79\Shutdown.gif

    Shutdown Tone Enabled
    Path Should Be C:\xPeRiEnCe79\Shutdown.mp3

    Custom Splashscreen
    Path Should Be C:\resource\apps\splashscreen.mif

    Custom Shutdown Screen
    Path Should Be C:\resource\apps\sysap.mif

    Extra Mods

    Hacked Installserver By PNHT Added
    Default Fonts Replaced With Belle Refresh Fonts
    Active Standby Modded
    Speech Language Ellen-UK Replaced With Sangeetha-India
    Log Duration To Unlimited
    Modded Settings UI,Removed Useless Options
    Java Permissions Modded
    Vibration Added When Keypad Locked With Lateral Key
    Naviscroll Works In Almost All System Apps With Better Speed
    Files In Z Are Decompressed For Better RAM
    64+ MB RAM Even After Heavy Usage
    Cache Has Been Tuned And Increased For SuperFast Performance
    CPU Speed Increased
    Heap Size Increased
    Display Size To Small
    Help,Device Manager And USB Hidden From Menu
    BT Name And Profile Name Set To xPeRiEnCe 79
    Photos App Opens In Portrait Orientation
    WLan Mod For Better Reception
    Superfast Rotation Enabled
    FM Transmitter RDS Shows N79 Instead Of Nokia
    No More FOTA Reserved Space.Total Phone Memory Is 72.5MB
    Gallery Won't Shows Files In The Folder xp79
    Long Press Multimedia Key Opens AnyKey Settings.You Can Configure Any App
    Auto Update Date And Time On
    Reboot Option Added In Power Menu


    Secured URL


    Download xPeRiEnCe 79 Core files first.(ROFS1,ROFS2,UDA)

    Note:- These Files Includes Modded ROFS1,ROFS2 And UDA Only And Is Same For Upcoming Versions.

    Secured URL

    PASSWORD is subashbks

    Download xPeRiEnCe 79 v2.0 from here.(ROFS3 Only)

    Secured URL

    PASSWORD is v2.0

    Note:- You Must Download Both Modded Core Files And Modded ROFS3.Don't Use Modded ROFS3 With Original Core Files.

    Just Open The EXE Files And It'll Automatically Extract All The Files To

    C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-348\


    Happy Flashing
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