SIEM Service Tools (v1.5) - CLIP edition update
There is new update of SIEM Service Tools (v1.5) "mobile" CLIP edition.
It's program for using on CLIP device (without PC).

New features:
- ME75 model added
- S66 model added
- A71 model added

current suported models list:
- A70, A71, A75, AX72, AX75, CF110
- C75, CX75, CF75, M75, ME75
- A65, C65, CV65, CT65, CX65, CVX65, CX70, CX7i, M65, MV65, S65, SV65, SL65, SK65 etc...
- A51, A52, A52V, A55, A57, C55, S55, SL55, M55, A60, C60, MC60, SX1, CF62, CF62T,
- A53, A56, A56i, C56, S57, M56
- A55A, 2128, SL55C, M55C

in next update more nice things and next models...

more details: